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Få et forsprang!

I disse dager kan du gjøre noen smarte grep, og plassere deg foran kurven inn i kommende skisesong. Endte forrige vinter med at skiene ble

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Carbon shoes from Hoka

In recent years, Hoka has come up with several different carbon shoes. Hoka Carbon X, Rocket X and Tecton X are different models, which all have in common

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Easter stickers special

Summit tours, skareføre, Easter ski race, orange in the sun wall, ski tours in warm temperatures. No matter how you spend Easter, make sure the next season doesn't start with you meeting

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Five thousand Special

Five miles is the gold standard of cross-country skiing. The distance is packed with colorful history, myths, records, pole breaks, breakdowns, comebacks, duels, winners and not least – the trails. Let us at once

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Countdown against Birken

The preparations that make a difference. There are only a handful of days left until the race that many have as the big goal of the season. The goal may be to beat

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