Review ski park and ski evaluation


Superski is already starting preparations for the next season. Get our help to evaluate your ski park.

Spring is a great opportunity to gain control of the ski park with experiences and testing through the winter fresh in your mind. It's a good time to make the right adjustments towards a new season. And we will be in a position to pick up the very best pairs when the ski manufacturers get this year's production in stock.

Mapping. When we at Superski are going to help you review the ski park, the process starts with getting an overview. What kind of skier are you? We would like to know more about who uses the skis. What is the level of competition? What are the technical requirements? What about your brand preferences? - As well as much else, which can help to understand and improve the ski park in the lead up to next season. Once we have a sense of your status, desires and ambitions, the review of the skis you bring to us begins.

The process with our professionals. On a competition ski, there are three variables in particular that we use. Chamber height, pressure zones and the degree of roughness of the grind. Ideally, all of these should "match" and fit the same guide. The chamber height on a classic ski gives an indication of how much space/how thick and what kind of lubrication the skis can have without subbing, but at the same time provide a secure hold on the opposite slopes. In skating, we use the chamber height and the degree of stiffness (FA) as an indication of the tension in the skis and this gives us an answer to how the skis will feel when walking on them. The pressure zones show the contact surface of the ski with the snow, if there are long pressure zones the skis are suitable for cold weather, short for warm. Pressure zones in skating also tell about the ski's properties on firm and soft conditions. The roughness in the structure is indicated with the measuring unit RA (roughness degree). On our grinders, this varies from 2 to 6. Low numbers and "shallow" structures suit cold leads, while deep structures and higher numbers suit hot leads.

The review - step by step:

# 1 Coarse sorting We will first check and mark the chamber height and length of the skis to see if there are any pairs that can be weeded out without a more thorough review. For athletes who are/have been growing strongly in recent years, it is not uncommon for there to be some surprises here, suddenly it is very obvious why the skis are heavy to stick on or unstable on sharp slopes.

# 2 Assessment of the pressure zones is the next step. When we have an overview of the pressure zones and chamber height, we can start to categorize, and put together the skis that have "matching" pressure zones and chamber heights for the guide it fits. For the most eager, we have a special service where we set this up in an Excel system. You then get an overview of your skis yourself, and can easily enter test results throughout the season.

# 3 Next we look at the grind on the skis. On grinds we are not familiar with, we measure the RA to see if the grind fits the guide the skis have been set to. We see if the sole is dry and worn, or if the skis have a lot of scratches. If we are not familiar with the sharpening of the skis and the customer does not have good gliding experiences with the skis, we often recommend sharpening to our sharpeners, which we know maintain a high standard.

# 4 Further priorities. Finally, we give you our recommendation, and suggest order and priorities. This gives you a good skiing foundation to make your decisions further.

This happens when you come to us:  

Either we go through the skis with you on the same day, or we mark the skis and review them in peace and quiet one of the following days. This depends on the traffic in the store on the day in question, and the size of your ski park.

In both cases, you will be involved. Your experiences and preferences are included in our assessments.

Ski evaluation at Superski is non-binding. You don't commit to anything. Also feel free to use the opportunity to get an overview of the entire family's stock of skis. You save yourself work and worry by doing this now in the spring semester.

Both you and your skis are welcome to Superski for a session with measurement and evaluation!