Superski is a specialty store for cross-country skiing and associated summer sports.

We have a shop and ski workshop in Holmenkollen national facility, which gives both our customers and us a unique opportunity to carry out thorough tests of the equipment we sell. Our customers are those who like to use the field as a training arena and place high demands on the equipment. Our goal is to provide customers with personal service and assistance, so that they can complete training and competitions with the best possible equipment.

Cross-country skiing

Based on long experience, and when using measuring instruments from, among others, IDT, we find the exact span profile and special picks for each individual vessel according to the customer's area of use. In addition, we work closely with Terje Fardal, which means that we have access to slip from Norway's leading and one of the world's foremost environments in the field. Whether your skis need maintenance or are to be prepared for the most important ski race of the winter, we can assist with the best prep.

In the summer we have everything you need for training on roller skis and running. We specialize in roller skis from IDT and running shoes from Hoka, but can also supply other leading brands.

Superski and Bull Ski & Kayak has a close collaboration, so that we can offer a complete offer to all our customers, whether it is elite runners, exercisers, sports teams or companies. Superski must be the best in competence and give all our customers the best service.

our coworkers

Superski has very knowledgeable and skilled employees, who have good knowledge of the equipment we sell. All our employees work closely with competitive sports through their own efforts or as coaches and members of service teams for active cross-country skiers. This means that we always have knowledge of the leading products and the continuous development in the industry. Our employees must be characterized by great professional knowledge and a burning commitment.

Super ski ski schools

Since 2014, Superski has arranged ski schools for children and young people in connection with summer holidays, autumn holidays and winter holidays. We are concerned that the participants will be left with good training results and inspiration for further training in cross-country skiing. We try to open this up by bringing in good coaches and adding up to four days filled with educational and exciting sessions that challenge the participants.

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You'll find us here

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Bull Ski & Kayak
Bull Ski & Kajakk are specialists in cross-country skiing, kayaking, cycling and running, with shops in Sandvika, Majorstuen and Fornebu. Superski and Bull Ski & Kayak have joined forces so that we can offer a complete offer to all our customers, whether they are elite runners, exercisers, sports teams or companies.
Norwegian Ski Association
The Norwegian Ski Association has chosen Superski as its collaboration partner and specialist business for its sponsors and partners.
SkiX AS is a company that, through the use of digital tools, distributes and disseminates training knowledge and inspires increased activity. With profiles such as Marit Bjørgen and Martin Johnsrud Sundby on the team, SkiX has a unique core competence in cross-country skiing, but in order to be able to offer a perfect training offer, they have also acquired a number of skilled trainers in other forms of activity.
Bull Active
Bull Aktiv is a specialist in technical courses, training and events for private individuals and companies.
Holmenkollen Training Lab
Holmenkollen Training Lab is located three pole lengths from the roller skiing track, in the building behind the biathlete lights at the stadium in Holmenkollen - the same building as Superski. Here they have different roller ski mills, running mills, strength rooms and offer everything in testing. With an extremely competent coaching team, you get the expertise you need to improve as a skier, runner or cyclist.