Ski workshop

Superski has its own ski workshop in Holmenkollen



BSK 6: A clean dry snow slip, which goes from extremely cold and up to about -5 degrees.

BSK 7: Medium cold all-round slip. Our clearly most chosen slip. Ideal from about -7 and up to 0.

BSK 8: Adhesive with cover. Perfect when it is cold in the shade and hot in the sun. From -1 to +5.

BSK 10: Wet snow slip. When it gets really wet. Fits from +1 to +10.

BSK ZERO: Ideal for rubber skiing. For the difficult zero with wet falling snow / rain.


BSK 5: A clean dry snow slip, which goes from extremely cold and down to about -6 degrees.

BSK 6: Medium cold all-round slip, our clearly most chosen slip. Ideally from about -1 and down to -8.

BSK 7: Zero. Typically when it is cold in the shade and hot in the sun. Fits +3 to -3.

BSK 8: Wet snow slip. When it is really wet. Fits from +1 to +10.

NOK 700 for new skis/ NOK 800 for old skis

NOK 300 for sole filling, sand is added


Protection sliders
We roll in the skis with a layer of blue protective glides.

NOK 99


Basic prep/training prep
We insert the skis with the current glider, then rinse and brush the skis well.

kr 399, -


Full basic prep
We first insert the skis with a warm glider, then drool and brush the skis. Afterwards, we insert the skis with a colder slider, then drool and brush the skis well.

NOK 599


Competition prep fluoride-free
We use the best products and methodology for the given route. This usually involves an underlay glider, groove and finally topping.

NOK 699


High flow rate
We insert with an underlay glider, followed by a high-fluoride glider on top. We groove the skis at the end if this is appropriate.

NOK 699


Competition preparation
We use the products that we believe are optimal in terms of sliding on the given guide. This involves a full build-up of glider and fluoride powder/liquid at the top. It is grooved if appropriate.

NOK 999

We set the groove we think is optimal on the given guide. We polish the skis at the end.

NOK 99

Heating cabinet
We melt in a layer of special glides with a low melting point. The skis are placed in our warming cabinet with the correct temperature and air circulation. Get a thorough treatment of the skis that contributes to a well-saturated ski.

 kr 399, -

Basic lubrication
We rubberize the attachment zone, and heat in a layer of base wax or base glue.

NOK 199

Treatment of traps
We clean the traps with trap cleaner, then insert the traps with trap impregnation.

NOK 199

Preparing rub skis
We first use coarse sandpaper and get the rubbing zone reset to zero. We then proceed with finer paper and optimize the rubbing zone for the relevant line. Finally, we impregnate the rub zone for better sliding and less risk of icing.

NOK 299

This is the top layer of glide, either liquid or fluorine powder. Finally, we brush and polish.

NOK 399


We clean the skis for old lubrication and dirt.

Wax/glide NOK 99
Adhesive NOK 199
The whole ski/dirt NOK 299

Community skiing

Treatment of traps
We clean the traps with trap cleaner, then insert the traps with trap impregnation.

NOK 199

Change traps

We take off and change the trap. Here, we are careful to remove all the glue when the old trap is to be removed, and we rub and heat up the new trap before it is applied. Note that the cost of the trap is additional. We have traps for all different makes and models.

NOK 200

Surveying & Evaluation

We offer free measurement of skis and review of the ski park at Eikermåler. Such a review gives you better control, and choices such as sharpening, treatment and the purchase of new skis are made more adapted to the existing ski park. Also remember that in order to lubricate the skis correctly, it is important that the skis are correctly marked for you.

Evaluation of skis using IDT meter
Involves evaluation of the skis in relation to tension profile, grind and area of use. The data is digitized and sent by email afterwards. A comment/evaluation of the skis is attached, and what should be done about the treatment of the skis. Based on this, you can also get advice on what should possibly be added to the ski park.

NOK 299 per ski pair

We can also be helpful in setting up a detailed ski park overview in excel. Here we have good templates that we use, and help the customer to enter the necessary information about the skis and get a good overview. Price here on request.


Storage processing
We store the skis for the customer until the desired delivery date.

kr 199, -

Storage treatment with basic prep and preparation
Basic preparation and application of storage slides. We store the skis until the desired delivery date, where we then remove the glides and prepare them for use.

NOK 499