Carbon shoes from Hoka


In recent years, Hoka has come up with several different carbon shoes. Hoka Carbon X, Rocket X and
Tecton X
are different models, which all have in common that they have a carbon plate integrated in them
the midsole.

What is the real deal with carbon shoes?

Most manufacturers of running shoes today offer carbon shoes, and more and more people are buying them. The difference between carbon shoes and other running shoes is that a carbon plate is integrated into the midsole of the shoe.

The carbon plate stiffens the sole, which means that you get more response in every step
kickoff. The labor economy is improving - you get more in return for each step.

The carbon plate lies in a midsole, which consists of soft shock-absorbing foam. This
means that the shoes are also protective against the surface, and means that you get a comfortable one
race experience. The combination of the midsole and the carbon plate means that you get a fast,
responsive and light running shoes, which are also gentle. Many people have the opinion that carbon shoes
is only for the very fastest. This is absolutely not the case. Carbon shoes are for those who want one
fast and responsive running shoes that provide efficient step development combined with springiness
shock absorption, whether for training or competition.

Hoka Carbon X3 is the newest model in the Carbon X series, and is a long-distance shoe. It
has a tight-fitting upper part that makes the shoe sit well on the foot. Carbon X3 thrives best on fine surfaces such as asphalt, tartan and treadmills. It is excellent for longer runs and runs, and is also great to use for long intervals.

Hoka Rocket X 2 is Hoka's newest addition to the carbon shoe family. It's a solid one
upgrade from the previous Rocket X, and is Hoka's fastest shoe. This also thrives best on fine
surfaces such as asphalt, tarmac and treadmills. The Rocket X 2 is a competition shoe that fits
various distances from 5km and upwards. The shoe is also excellent for interval training and fast
long trips.

Hoka Tecton X are Hoka's carbon shoes for running in the terrain. Two parallel ones are integrated
carbon plates in the midsole, which stiffen the shoe and provide an efficient running step. The shoe has one
Vibram megagrip outsole that ensures good grip, even on wet rocks and roots. Hoka
The Tecton X is an excellent all-round shoe in the terrain, and is well suited for longer and shorter trips
both fast and slow pace. It is a nice shoe to use both for training and in competition.

Come by our store in Holmenkollen to check out the various models. We have
the knowledge to help you choose the right shoe for your use.