The Hoka code


What is it about this shoe that makes it so popular?

The Hoka shoes are undoubtedly a bestseller. We now have demand throughout the year, confirms Peder - Superski's store manager. The explanation is about Hoka's solution to the difficult combination between low weight, good damping and a pleasant running feeling, says Peder.

Running shoes are a brutal market. The customers' judgment is decisive. In Hoka's case, the trend is clear: the shoes have been warmly received by the training staff.

Hoka is a niche shoe that scores high on both quality and design. With niche you may think of a small and limited area. What is exciting here is that the niche is both rich in content and constantly developing. What some with a smile have referred to as "marshmallow-shoes", turns out to be the first choice both for those looking for fast marathon shoes and those who want to raise the quality of the mill sessions.

Examples from the rich assortment are the terrain shoes Tecton X with a light and stiff carbon plate in the midsole that gives a snap in the step at the same time as good cushioning. With the hiking boots Kaha 2 GTX Hoka has come up with something good and easy to wear on the feet, which does the job both as work shoes and everyday shoes.

"The Hoka wardrobe". I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, explains Peder at Superski: Many of our customers are looking for the golden match between several pairs of Hoka - They typically want one pair for terrain, one pair for asphalt and one pair for the office. Or Hoka for outdoor use, indoor training and "pen shoes" respectively.

What is your ideal tree clover? Come by Superski's shop in Holmenkollen and test out different models.

For Supremium members Superski has good prices on Hoka in the online store.

"Run and buy" is the common expression. We turn it around and say instead:

Buy and run!