Silk guide and lubrication tips


Ski with light, dry and soft snow. Winter at its best. A few degrees below zero. Sparkling relationship.

Did you know that the word "silk lead" comes from a ski lubrication?

Smørekoker Torger Bratlie developed the Silke spread, which was produced from around the 1920s. The lubrication was a kind of precursor to Blå Extra and the later generations of dry snow waxes.

The story probably has several layers. When one digs deeper, it turns out that silky smooth was a term many years earlier. The chicken and the egg, here too. Bratlie named the spread "Silk" for a reason. We can elaborate on this another time. Anyway – Bratlies Silke was a successful lubricant for years.

Today, the selection is much larger. Superski's staff has top expertise and will help you with your choices. We follow developments closely and test existing and new products systematically throughout the season.

The winter weather changes quickly. Fresh snow one day, mild weather the next. In cross-country skiing, there may be artificial snow in parts of the trail and natural snow in other parts.

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You don't necessarily need to have a garage full of ski lube - but you would like to have the right products for your needs and ambitions.

We help you - both with what you need to wear under the skis and in the grease shop.

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