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Mixino is a light and well-ventilated helmet, perfect for long rides. Mixino is the helmet you forget you're wearing - it's light and airy.
* Use of Graphene - provides maximum strength and minimum weight
* One of the market's best ventilated helmets
* Haxagon construction for increased safety
* Flexible and comfortable adjustment system
Also available in these colors:
Item number: 51420 - White
Colour: White

Catlike pioneered the use of Grafén nanofibres on the aramid-based mesh structure. Aramid is considered the "skeleton" and holds the helmet together in the event of a collision, while allowing maximum energy absorption and compression strength within the helmet's structure. Mixino's Hexagon design is based on a Honeycomb-like construction, which has been specially developed to absorb and spread the impact further throughout the helmet. The combination of these technologies allowed us to create this light, ventilated and safest helmet on the market.

The Mixino's distinctive appearance gives meaning to the Dual Flow technology, which maximizes the airflow and guides it efficiently around your head, avoiding overheating and guaranteeing the best ventilation performance while on the road. This helmet is comfortable to wear - the MPS eVo optimizes the comfort of the user through its 4-point adjustment options: disc system, lateral sliding padding, rear width and height adjustment. The helmet is designed by Catlike to be able to fit any head size, and thus provides an outstanding fit, maximum comfort and protection.

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