Easter stickers special


Summit tours, skareføre, Easter ski race, orange in the sun wall, ski tours in warm temperatures.

No matter how you spend Easter: Make sure that next season not starting with you meetings stuck from last year - on your own skis.

Superski helps you with spring cleaning and storage slides. We also offer a ski hotel, if you want to store your skis with us throughout the summer season.

Photo: Norwegian Forest Museum.

Adhesive lubrication came on the market in 1913. Before this, cross-country skiers had been experimenting with home-brewed solutions for years. Ski manufacturer Peter Østbye was a pioneer in many areas. Østbye's Mixolin Universal adhesive ushered in a new era. Venetian turpentine (distilled resin from the larch tree), as well as raw kvae from Norwegian conifers were a significant proportion of the ingredients. Sap and resin are the trees' protection against fungal infections. One key is that the substance is not water soluble. These are complicated chemical compounds, one of nature's many sophisticated wonders - which are also worth their weight in gold on the ski slopes.

Photo: Norwegian Forest Museum.

Spring cleaning - fix done. Feel free to bring your skis to us in Superski. We help you with tips and advice for cleaning and storing your skis until next season. Or even better: We do the work for you, so you can use the spring for other things.

Do yourself a big favor: Start next season now - by giving your skis good care before they go into summer hibernation.