Countdown against Birken


The preparations that make a difference.

There are only a handful of days left until the race that many have as the big goal of the season. Perhaps the goal is to beat your friend, colleagues or yourself? It's too late to think about what should have been done differently, earlier this winter: Trained more, refined the technique or built up muscles. The weather will be what it will be. We do outdoor sports.

Fortunately, there is one - very important - thing that can still be done about: The skis.

Superski helps you with grinding, preparation and lubrication for Birken 2023. The submission deadline is Tuesday 14 March at the latest at 18!

To Sjusjøen with your best skis. Photo: Amanda W. Kortnes/Unsplash

Specific Birken challenges. Large differences in height mean that you can encounter very different driving conditions along the trail. There is no quick-fix for this. With us, you get first-class sanding and basic preparation supported by experience and knowledge of the best products on the market right now. We help you get top-trimmed pole skis or classic skis. And we lay glides and, base for glue and wax or prepare joint skis - a good choice for many.

We help you to optimize the skis and make the best choices based on your requirements and ambitions

Come in and we'll tailor a plan and our professional lubricators will do the job so you don't have to spend those valuable hours this week in your own lubricator.

Good luck in Birken!